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"Paidseotool.com" is a great website and an original product of paidforarticles.com. This website is a bunch of various tools that owners of paidforarticles use to check the particular originality and all the requirements required for an article to get approved by their website. Meanwhile, They have their own author's guide, which all the writers and authors who are working on this platform have to follow to get their articles published.

There are a lot of advantages to this particular website. Below is a detailed explanation of some of the tools that this website, .i.e, paidseotool.com, includes and makes an easy way for all the authors who want to publish worthy content. Let's have a look over these great tools:-


1)Word Counter

Word counter is something undeniable by its name only.  Their website uses this particular tool to count the number of words required for an article to get approved. Through this,  they check that person's specific discipline whether they follow the author's guide.  


2)Plagiarism Checker Pro

Now,  In this world, some people want to work without any hard work, and in this case, they copy and paste jobs to earn money, which is not allowed here on this legit website. 
So to check plagiarism, they use this "Plagiarism Checker Pro" tool. Only original work gets approval from this website rather than copied from some other site. 


3)My IP Address

This particular tool is used to check the IP addresses of the people who sent the articles. IP Address tells the city, zip code, and the physical location of the person who has sent their reports. 
All this information is needed for security and no other reason, as technology has both pros and cons. Anybody can suffer fraud from anywhere. So, having the details of IP Addresses is essential. 


4)Grammer Checker

Grammar plays a significant role when it comes to content writing. This tool is handy and takes care of the perfect grammar used by the writer or author. In case of minor mistakes this website,  automatically corrects the errors. Still, if they found lots of errors,  they give the particular article back for review and correction to its owner. 

There are a lot of tools we have gound on this website, i.e.,  paidseotools.com, like:

5)Meta Tags Analyzer
6)Keyword Position Checker
7)Robots.txt Generator
8)XML Sitemap Generator
9)Backlink Checker
10)Alexa Rank Checker
11)Backlink Maker
12)Online ping Website Tool
13)Link Analyzer
14)Keyword Destiny Checker
15)Google Malware Checker
..... And a lot more...... 
You should check your articles here on this website to meet the formal requirements of the author's guide if you want to earn a good amount and get your content published.

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